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IN-CHAN Thai Sugar by TMM Trading Co.,Ltd.

Taste of the Pure Natural Sweetness.


IN-CHAN sugar contains 100% white sugar,


produced through natural processes


and contains no bleaching chemicals.


non Sulfur Dioxide, non Sodium hydrosulfite (Sodium dithionite),

Add IN-CHAN sugar to your food, snacks or beverages


and taste the sweetness from nature.

White Sugar

White sugar is raw sugar that has been purified


to remove impurities in sugar crystals.


Its color is lighter than raw sugar, either light brown or white,


and ranges from 46 - 1,000 ICUMSA.

This type of product is typically used in soft drinks and


convenience food businesses


as well as household consumption.

It is widely consumed among households and


used as a raw material in food industries


where moderate purity is required.


Sugarcane is one of Thailand top agricultural crops


with the current cultivated areas of over 1.76 million hectares


and 130 million tons of cane crushed,


producing over 14 million tons of sugar.




Thailand is the world second largest sugar


exporting countries after Brazil.


Cane and sugar industry generates approximately


300 billion baht to the country economy each year.




As an important Thailand’s Agri-industrial crop,


sugarcane was traditionally used to produce only sugar.


Presently, cane plays bigger role as an energy crop


as raw material for ethanol and electricity production.




Besides, byproducts from sugar production are also used


to produce fertilizer,bio-degradable packaging


and other bio-products.

Philosophy, Mission and Vision

The company's philosophy is to produce international standard


quality products with punctual delivery.


We strive to be the business partner of choice and look to give


our partners total satisfaction in doing business with us.




We will keep improving our production technology,


while we care for environmental conservation.


We care for the safety and security of all our staff,


our farmers and neighbors.


We devote ourselves to help the less fortunate.


We are committed to be good citizens and will make


continuous contributions to society.




We are always open to new business opportunities.


Particularly we are looking into the opportunities in food,


beverages and electric power production


and are open to joint ventures with quality partners.

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